Eades Release Single Ahead Of New EP On Friday

Wednesday, April 28th, 2021


Eades Release Single Ahead Of New EP On Friday
Hotly tipped Leeds band put out “Coltrane” today

Apr 28, 2021

By Jimi Arundell

Photography by Devon Chambers

Just two days ahead of the release of new EP Abstract Education, Leeds based five-piece Eades drop their latest single “Coltrane” giving their fast-growing fanbase a much-appreciated insight as to what we can expect to arrive on Friday.

Combing a raw lo-fi indie feel with their indomitable upbeat spirit, “Coltrane” transforms modern day malaise into a garage rock anthem with real heart that captures the growing optimism many are feeling for a post-COVID world almost within reach, which will soon see the return of gigs and festivals.

Speaking about their second EP, Eades singer Harry Jordan reflects on a period of huge growth, as individuals and as a band, which now informs their sound and the methods of creating their music;

“Abstract Education refers to the lessons in life that aren’t so obvious or on the nose. Forgiving, and letting go of the past, whilst still learning from it. It’s also about understanding our own emotions and coming to terms with personal flaws, bad habits, addictions, anxieties etc.”

“The actual writing and recording process of the EP was also a massive form of education in itself. As well as trying to push ourselves as songwriters, it was also the first time I’d ever produced anything using tape – which was a big learning process. I think the new approach really helped drive our creativity, keeping it fresh and exciting as well keeping us all on our toes which I think made for a better all – round performance. It’s probably our most honest and authentic piece of work we’ve put out yet.”

Abstract Education is released on 30th of April via Heist or Hit and can be found on all good streaming platforms.


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