Hannah’s Little Sister – Stream the Debut EP by the Promising New Liverpool Art Rockers

Saturday, November 21st, 2020


Hannah’s Little Sister – Stream the Debut EP by the Promising New Liverpool Art Rockers
EP.mp3 Out Now via Heist or Hit

Nov 20, 2020
By Christopher Roberts

The amusingly named Hannah’s Little Sister are a promising new band from Liverpool. The art-rock five-piece have released their debut EP, the confusingly named EP.mp3, today via Heist or Hit. Now that it’s out you can stream the whole thing below.

The EP features “Anywhere,” its closing track, which was just shared earlier this week. 

Singer Meg Grooters had this to say about “Anywhere” in a press release: “I wrote this song just before I took a year out from uni, it was a weird time for me where I was discovering who I was, with my self-esteem at its lowest. I was lonely, I didn’t feel like I was enough for my friends, and I felt like I had to be someone else, and act a certain way to be accepted by them. 

“But it was also a time where I was in a really loving relationship, and in contrast to the situation with my peers I was just happy to be with that person, and live my life with them comfortably, wanting them around always. This was the good side of caring I hadn’t really experienced before. I guess that sort of created two meanings, because adoring people can be a toxic thing or it can be a really fun and even fulfilling thing. But, if you’re desperate to fit in or be liked and are wanting someone for the wrong reasons, it’s easy to slip into molding yourself to do so.” 

The band’s full lineup is Meg Grooters (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, the color Green), Will Brown (Drums, Ciggies), Nina Himmelreich (Bass, Vocals, German), and Ashley Snook (Guitar, Vocals, Gossip). Saam Jafarzadeh produced the EP.

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