Oxymorrons Debut New Single “Green Vision”

Friday, January 8th, 2021


Oxymorrons Debut New Single “Green Vision”
Watch the Video Below

Jan 08, 2021
By Caleb Campbell

NYC-based band Oxymorrons have released their latest single, “Green Vision.” Increasingly in the streaming age genre lines mean less and less and Oxymorrons are coming up as part of a new branch of genre-blenders, refusing to be boxed in by outside expectations of what rock music sounds like. The band clearly draws from ‘90s rock acts, such as Soundgarden or Nirvana, which first captivated brothers Kami (K.I.) and Demi (Deee) as kids growing up in Queens. Yet, the bombast of fellow East Coast hip hop stars like Nicki Minaj and 50 Cent is equally on display, as is the genre-fusing adventurousness of acts like NERD or Kid Cudi. 

The band filled out the lineup with drummer Matty Mayz and NYC underground mainstay Jafé Paulino on guitar. They then made their debut on ‘333 Wreckords Crew’ in 2020 with the socially conscious single, “Justice.” Going beyond the lyrics, the band also chose to give all the profits from “Justice” to grassroots social justice organizations.

With a new album ready to go for 2021, “Green Vision” launches Oxymorrons into the new year as a band with a purpose. So much hard rock over the past few years has come off as stale or posturing, but Oxymorrons are refreshingly vital. The band’s propulsive instrumentation calls back to the days when rock dominated the charts, but the community spirit and audacious attitude imbue it with fresh energy. Most of all, it’s all pure Oxymorrons, a combination of all the diverse strains of music that have soundtracked their lives. The accompanying video was even filmed in their old neighborhood. This is how to do rock and hip hop fusions the right way.

The band says of the track “Green means go! So ‘Green Vision,’ to us, is go time. It’s us putting our stamp on the world with our “new” New York rock sound. It’s a song that defines us as a whole sonically and image-wise. It’s that real New York braggadocious shit that our city is known for. It’s Oxy- Hip-hop low end, heavy-hitting drums, wailing guitars, and most importantly, swag. We here to break down genre barriers, kick down walls of what people consider rock music. Rock has evolved but it’s here to stay and so are we!!!! Get used to it!” Check out the song and video below.

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