Premiere: Hot Knives Share New Single “Cosmogony (Seed of Creation)”

Monday, May 3rd, 2021


Premiere: Hot Knives Share New Single “Cosmogony (Seed of Creation)”
Making Love To Make Music To Make Love To Out May 7th

May 03, 2021

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Charlie Jordan

Brooklyn-based trio Hot Knives bring together barrelling punk paces, noisy experimental freakouts, and eclectic elements from funk and blues, all blended into a wild psych punk mix. The band first debuted that mix of styles with their 2018 EP Static Bloom and are now on their way towards a full-length debut.

Described as the “end result of years of practice, planning, and meditation,” the band’s debut record, Making Love To Make Music To Make Love To, is out May 7th and the band have been teasing towards release with a steady run of singles. The trio last shared “Static Bloom” and “Alhambra Baby” and are now back with the third and final single, “Cosmogony (Seed of Creation),” premiering early with Under the Radar.

With a name like “Cosmogony (Seed of Creation)” listeners have to expect a song that’s massive in scale and Hot Knives deliver on all fronts. Roaring drums, scorching guitars, and belted vocals make for an electric rush of fiery psychedelia building into a transcendent climax as the band locks into an airtight groove. The track feels like a forgotten relic of the wild and fertile days of psych rock and proto punk, recapturing the intensity and relentless creativity of the era.

The band themselves describe the single saying, “Booty-shaking drums and cactus-fuzz bass beckon the mothership closer while hazel-dust guitars light the runway. The track aims to capture the feeling of return – the elation of being welcomed home again after a long, cosmic journey of self-realization. There is knowledge to share, but that can wait – the sun is setting, rich with colors divine. Feel the honey flow from your ears, all amber and sweet, as you experience ‘Cosmogony.’” Check out the song early below and watch for Making Love To Make Music To Make Love To Out May 7th.

Hot Knives · Cosmogony (Seed of Creation)

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