Premiere: Number One Lovers Share New Video For “Sweet Time”

Monday, May 3rd, 2021


Premiere: Number One Lovers Share New Video For “Sweet Time”
Watch The Video Below

May 03, 2021

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Julia Leiby

Philadelphia-based band Number One Lovers first debuted in 2019 with their first EP Lonesome Light, offering up a tight five tracks of easygoing sun-lit indie rock. Now the band are back, sharing the video for their follow-up single “Sweet Time,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“Sweet Time” continues in the breezy lane the band previously carved for themselves, matching their chiming guitar parts and marching percussion with nostalgia-drenched melodies. It’s heartfelt springtime fare, feeling unburdened and carefree throughout even as the song reflects on the harsh march of time. As the band explains, “‘Sweet Time’ is a lighthearted take on the inevitability of time. Like, you’ve only got so much time to be with your friends, with your family, and you’ve only so long on this planet. I want the song to convey some sense of nostalgia and longing. Like a longing for time and days that are gone but maybe a longing for what’s to come and just a longing or a desire to live and for life in general.”

Meanwhile, the accompanying video matches the song’s easygoing tone perfectly with silly synchronized dances and barely contained smiles from the band. As the band explains, “The video is pretty whimsical and I feel like it helps to convey the tone I want for the song. It’s like time is always going to be running out, but you have to enjoy it while you’ve got it. We filmed the video with a photographer/videographer buddy of ours Crosby Clouse. And our guitarist Fabian Mera came up with the idea for the video of us slowly emerging from this lake singing the song, going on this adventure as a sort of big dancing worm, and then dancing ourselves back into the water. You could view it as a little metaphorical for the limited time we all have or you could view it as a little fun & silly. I see it as a little of both. We shot the video in the winter in Philly, and those water shots were SO cold.”

Check out the song and watch the video below.

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