Premiere: Talker Shares Video for “Personal Space”

Friday, May 29th, 2020


Premiere: Talker Shares Video for “Personal Space”
Wax EP Out Now via Common Ground Collective

May 29, 2020
By Caleb Campbell

Los Angeles grunge pop artist Talker has released a new video for her song “Personal Space” and we are pleased to premiere it. The video is her fourth for her latest EP, Wax. Watch it below.

Celeste Taucher started her career touring and playing in other bands, such as FRENSHIP. After spending years in both the LA indie scene and national festival circuit, she began recording her own music under the name Talker. Her latest EP, Wax, dropped in March and featured anthemic moments like the stormy “Learning the Feeling” or the instantly catchy reflection on personal identity, “Suck Up.” 

“Personal Space” is a slower, more meditative take on Talker’s sound. Its stark electric guitar and emotional build recall the emo-adjacent indie of Julien Baker and Pronoun. The lyrics see 

Talker contending with regaining a sense of self as she sings, “You break into my personal space/I try to get by what’s left to take?” The video is a lesson in doing a lot with a little. The video was filmed under quarantine and Taucher drives home the claustrophobia and anxiety of the lyrics with unflinching close-ups, grasping hands, and hazy afterimages. These lyrics feel all the more prescient given the present circumstances, when it feels harder than ever to get space, whether it be physical or mental. As a result, Talker is also using the video as a chance to highlight the ways her music community is finding their own space on her Instagram.  

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