Sons of Raphael Share Video for New Song “Yeah Yeah Yeah”

Thursday, May 20th, 2021


Sons of Raphael Share Video for New Song “Yeah Yeah Yeah”
Full-Throated Messianic Homage Due Out This Friday via Because Music

May 20, 2021

By Mark Redfern

Photography by Jamie Morgan

Sons of Raphael (the duo of brothers Loral and Ronnel Raphael) are releasing their debut album, Full-Throated Messianic Homage, this Friday via Because Music. Now they shared another song from it, “Yeah Yeah Yeah,” via a video for the single. The song contains the repeated lines “I’m a jerk that makes you cry/But there’s just no other guy like me” and so the video features various shots of pretty girls crying. French/American husband-wife duo Wiissa and Loral Raphael directed the video. Watch it below.

Wiissa had this to say about the video in a press release: “This is such a special video to us, and we shot it about every other day for two months straight. Loral told us his idea of a simple video with a bunch of teen girls crying. We shot this in late 2019, in a very dark period of our life, when crying was almost a daily occurrence. We lugged around our 16mm camera and handheld light to different parts of Paris and London each night for a new sunset, and a new crying teenager. I still tear up every time I watch the video, I loved all of the girls we worked with and I imagine all of their individual stories when they cry.”

The band had this to say: “‘Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy.’ This quote from the book of Psalms is the nerve centre of our new music video for ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah.’ The tears symbolise the seven years of famine my brother and I have undergone, making our debut album. From this suffering, we will return with songs of joy, fulfilling this biblical prophecy—those who have wept shall rejoice and be happy!”

We previously posted Sons of Raphael’s “Revolution,” which was shared via a video and was one of our Songs of the Week.

Full-Throated Messianic Homage was mixed by the late French DJ/producer Philippe Zdar of Cassius. Other previously released songs from the album are “Siren Music” and “He Who Makes the Morning Darkness.”

A press release describes the album as such: “The album is an endless futuristic wall of sound built on classical orchestral arrangements contrasted with fuzz machines and modular synthesizers. Beneath this inviting exterior is a debut which is a four-part hymn to life, death, sin, love and resurrection.”

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