Under the Radar Presents: “Why Not Both” Podcast Featuring Allison Russell

Wednesday, October 20th, 2021


Under the Radar Presents: “Why Not Both” Podcast Featuring Allison Russell
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Oct 20, 2021

By Laura Studarus

Welcome to Why Not Both Wednesdays. Every week, in partnership with Why Not Both podcast, we’ll be presenting new podcast episodes that explore how multiple passions inform the inspiring lives of musicians, writers, actors, and creatives.

The past year and a half has shown us all that our true vitality comes from our interwoven communities, as musician Allison Russell pointed out in many ways over the course of our chat. She had the chance to demonstrate this very point when her album Outside Child got signed to Fantasy Records and when she curated a stage at the Newport Folk Festival to highlight up and coming artists. Though her talent and presence is undeniable Russell makes sure to emphasize her supportive web of friends and colleagues uplifts her daily and that she in turn uses this to lift others up around her too.

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For more from Allison, say hi on Instagram or Twitter. Her debut solo album Outside Child is out now and—great news!—she’s also on tour.

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